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David E. Crawford, Founder

David E. Crawford is the sole member of this law firm.  Dave has been practicing intellectual property law continuously since 1993. For a decade prior to becoming an attorney, he designed aircraft engines. He uses advanced technology and a large network of foreign and domestic professionals* that he has curated to provide the highest quality legal services at a fraction of the price required by larger law firms.

Before founding Crawford Intellectual Property Law, Dave Crawford was a partner in a law firm ranked among the very largest in the world and in a mid-size regional Intellectual Property law boutique. He has decades of experience and extensive expertise counseling clients and procuring intellectual property rights in the U.S. and throughout the world. He has obtained hundreds of patents for clients ranging from individuals and start-up companies to established national corporations and multi-national conglomerates. Other services include registering trademarks, service marks, and copyrights, as well as, preparing and negotiating agreements related to intellectual property, and conducting freedom-to-operate, infringement, and validity studies. Moreover, Dave is an authority on design patent protection. In providing these services and counseling, Dave brings to bear his past experience litigating matters locally and across the country. He is also certified in dispute resolution and mediates disputes between parties, particularly those involving intellectual property.

Dave has provided patent services in diverse technologies, including medical devices and surgical instruments, industrial processing equipment, packaging and manufacturing systems, aircraft systems and engines, bulk handling equipment, semiconductor processing equipment, control systems, business methods, construction equipment, electric motors, lubrication equipment, air handling systems, combustors, automotive systems, nanotechnology, composite material fabrication, home appliances, sports equipment, hand and power tools, hardware, footwear, diapers, feminine care products, furniture, fluid power systems, welding equipment, optics and lasers, heating and cooling equipment, cable management systems, and software.


For a decade before becoming a patent attorney, Dave was a design engineer at GE Aircraft Engines where he was responsible for numerous military engine components from initial design to life management and field investigations. Prior to working for GE, Dave designed and built portions of a hexapod walking transport for the Department of Defense, and performed various engineering tasks at two nuclear material processing facilities for the Department of Energy.



*  Our network professionals operate totally independently from and are not agents, employees, or members of Crawford IP Law. Contrary to the actual practices of many firms, we receive no fees or compensation from these professionals, and we decline reciprocal arrangements. These professionals are firms and individuals we have experience with or we have investigated to ascertain that they have the experience necessary to provide value to our clients. Of course, as with any third party not associated with our firm, we are unable to provide unqualified assurances that these professionals will perform satisfactorily for you.


We use a network of attorneys* who have a wealth and range of business law experience to provide the expertise and level of assistance you need on individual matters, without the overhead of a big firm. You get to know the people on your team and have access to customized expertise on demand -- paying for it when you need it and not when you don't.  This allows us to be flexible and powerful in providing the services you need at value-based fees.  

Our network attorneys are located nationally and internationally, have Big Law, corporate, and government agency experience,  and represent diverse industries.  All are business owners themselves and bring practical guidance to your legal and business needs.  


We are always looking to expand our network of attorneys with specialized expertise.  If you or someone you know might be a great resource, let us know.

*  Network attorneys operate independently and are not members of Crawford IP Law.  They are attorneys we know and trust to provide professional and valued advice to our clients.  


We are licensed to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This license allows us to file and prosecute patent applications before the World Intellectual Property Organization. When it is time to file foreign patent applications under the Paris Convention or nationalize Patent Cooperation Treaty applications, we rely upon a skilled cadre of attorneys who are licensed to practice in corresponding jurisdictions. Likewise, we rely upon foreign counsel to file foreign trademark registrations.



Choosing the right foreign counsel is absolutely critical to foreign patent and trademark procurement. We have carefully curated a team of foreign associates who are able to can provide insight into the law and strategies in their respective countries. We avoid mills using inexperienced and unlicensed staff to churn out paperwork. Our foreign associates are highly qualified to be entrusted with your intellectual property abroad. Unlike some competitors, we bill only for the actual cost of foreign service providers without adding administrative charge.

*  Foreign Counsel operate independently and are not members of Crawford IP Law.  They are attorneys we know and trust to provide professional and valued advice to our clients.  


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