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Our goal is to provide the highest quality intellectual property services for our clients. We focus on the preparation and prosecution of patents, copyrights, and trademarks, general intellectual property counseling, and mediating all types of disputes. We have worked for a wide variety of businesses from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups.  We have advanced degrees and real-world experience in a variety of technical fields. 


Other firms practice intellectual property law, but few firms staff every engagement with an attorney having both legal experience and appropriate technical expertise. Many firms staff matters with less experienced junior attorneys, most of whom do not have advanced technical degrees or significant experience understanding and solving engineering problems. We do not. Rather than spending client resources educating our employees, we hire experienced attorneys and staff client matters with attorneys having technical expertise related to the matter. Our tailored approach allows us to deliver meaningful counsel and insightful solutions.


Instead of fostering a culture where attorneys type every word of a document or use staff to transcribe recorded dictation, we insist our attorneys use the latest voice recognition apparatus to quickly generate documents at minimal expense. Rather than relying on staff to fill in forms, we use automated technologies capable of instantaneously generating flawless documents. We use carefully programmed computers to track workflow and calendar dates to ensure every task is completed and all deadlines are met, eliminating errors that are inevitably introduced when humans do these mundane repetitive tasks.  


We track changes in case law and statutes, as well as, rely on our past litigation experience to provide intellectual property assets and counseling that meet or exceed the most current practices of other firms. Although we have litigation experience, we leave litigation to trial lawyers who regularly appear in court. Trial lawyers such as these are almost never found in IP boutiques because bet-the-company litigation is nearly universally sent to the largest of law firms. Attorneys outside large law firms rarely try IP matters because these lawsuits do not get filed very often in most courts. Therefore, we eliminate the unnecessary overhead associated with staffing a litigation department that is rarely needed or useful.


By understanding the complexities and details of our clients’ endeavors, we are able to deliver exceptional client service and create enduring intellectual property strategies that help our clients achieve a competitive advantage.


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