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We are your grandfather's IP law firm --- turbocharged! When our grandfathers hired lawyers, attorneys billed clients based on the value of the services they provided. Times have changed. Over the past few decades, the focus of the typical law firm has shifted from providing value for clients to providing services by the hour. Law firms began focusing on profits. Obviously, this is not in the client's interest. It is not good for attorneys either. Most complain about living by the billable hour, but few seem to recognize the fix. 

Focusing on value for clients, eliminates the need for expensive furnishings housed in leased towers and large staffs who bill time for administrative services. Instead we can focus on what matters to clients, quality at a lower cost. Breaking free from the billable hour provides incentive to lower overhead and invest in technology that increases quality and reduces time needlessly spent. Focusing on value means we do not take every matter that comes our way. Sometimes there are other service providers who have the background to do a better job, or the same job for less money. Focusing on value means we may refer you to other providers sometimes. We curate associates, other professionals with whom we have had good experiences, for just this purpose. On occasion we recommend portions of our services be done by our associates. When we do this, we pass through our actual costs for those services. After all, how would charging you more provide value?  We use new technologies and innovative automated processes to communicate with our clients, providing needed information in a timely manner without charging clients for standard boilerplate letters. Those letters enrich the attorney but provide little value for the attorney's clients when the information boilerplate provides can be answered with a few keystrokes in a search engine. And, that seems to us like an odd way to provide professional services or maintain a lasting relationship.  We hope you contact us again and again when you need IP legal services. 



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